Proper Planner Blog


With the help of my Journalism Degree, I created my blog, The Proper Planner, is 2010 via blog spot.  The original blog was created as a “new age” etiquette for today’s bride.  The days of Emily Post are long gone and no one, at the time, was writing about real things happening in the wedding world.  Blogs were simply a place to post your wedding pictures.  No one was discussing the reality of divorced parents and couples paying for their own weddings, etc. I thought topics, such as these, needed a true voice for those that had no idea where to start when faced with these differences.

Since 2010, the blog has grown and is now it’s own site.  It is a place for today’s bride to find those tips and stories about wedding planning, but it is also insightful for the vendors.  Outside perspectives can be eye-opening.  A lot of the topics are given to me by other vendors, by brides, and by guests as well.  The blog is also great for New Orleans locals and New Orleans lovers as I also covers events happening around town.  But mostly, brides will love the blog for the “Dress of the week” the “show me your shoes” and the “lagniappe” entrees, where you can find some of the best favors, or cake toppers, or hankies being sold by vendors around the country!

Write in with questions, or send me some of your bridal favors/ gifts from your Etsy shop, or just follow us at for the latest in the wedding world and all things New Orleans!